What are the different areas for makeup artists?


Are you interested in a career in makeup artistry?

Makeup has been used to enhance appearances since ancient times, and today it is an industry worth billions of dollars. While makeup artist careers are often associated with fashion and beauty, there are many specialities in the field that will allow you to flex your creative skills. From prosthetics that can change a person’s appearance to full body and face painting, here are some makeup artist specialisms to consider.

Proficient in Prosthetics

Creating unique prosthetics that can alter a person’s physical appearance, takes a lot of skill and creativity. This is often used in film and TV work to make an actor look younger or older, or perhaps to look like an alien, a mythical creature, or a monster straight out of your own nightmares. Prosthetics can also be in demand for other events, such as theatrical productions, or for those who wish to be a hit at the latest Halloween party. We cover prosthetics in many of our full-time courses and also have a prosthetics top-up course if you wish to learn the latest tips and tricks.

Looking to be a Fashion and Beauty MUA?

Makeup artists will always be in demand in the fashion and beauty industry. With so many how-to videos available through TikTok and YouTube, it is common for individuals to find their passion and natural ability early on. Fashion and Beauty MUA’s often take our advanced course and come back to specialise in this field; our many connections in the industry give students a head start in their careers. It is an exciting industry to work in and means you’ll have to be particularly great at working under pressure (catwalks) and have a super imagination to get creative on photoshoots.

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What is it like to be a Makeup Artist for Film and TV?

There is nothing quite like seeing your name in the credits on the big screen; the atmosphere and team spirit on a set is also something special in itself. With our location being based at Pinewood Studios, many of our students are quickly hired into these roles, especially with our endless agency contacts. This can be as basic as making sure actors and on-air personalities look camera-ready, to more creative forms of artistry. Makeup for Film and TV can include prosthetics, as previously mentioned, or even the dressing and application of wigs for period dramas.

Period Makeup, Hair And Wig Work Course

Thrive as a Theatrical MUA

Much like in the film and television industry, makeup artist careers are greatly in demand in theatrical productions. Choosing to specialise in makeup for live theatre is a great way to express yourself creatively and build your reputation as a highly-skilled makeup specialist – it also builds your skills in working under pressure, with very small windows to alter looks between scenes. This can lead to makeup work in further productions as well as special events.

Theatrical Makeup Course

Get creative with Body Art

Airbrushing and body art allows you to use the whole body as a canvas to create unique and fascinating looks. Tattoo artistry is a good example of this type of art, and many tattoo artists can find a lucrative and creative career in designing and applying intricate tattoos for their clients. Our core tutor, Mona Turnbull, has an incredible reputation in this industry. If you’d like to learn from the best, register your interest in the course below.

Airbrush Makeup, Body Art Course

Have what it takes to be an all-rounder? Ready to train in all aspects of makeup, hair and prosthetics for HDTV, film, theatre and fashion? Take a look at our Advanced Certificate which you can register for here:

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Studying at The Iver Makeup Academy

Situated within the heart of Pinewood Studios London, The Iver Makeup Academy is the best place to learn innovative skills and techniques to get ahead in the makeup industry. We offer a range of courses, from two-day taster hair and makeup courses to a 30-week comprehensive Advanced Certificate in Makeup and Hair Artistry. Take a look at some of the industry-leading courses we have available and start your journey today.

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