The 1920s

Thursday, March 3, 2016

This was the age of the flapper and the time of economic prosperity post the first world war so people wanted to look glamorous again.

The bob became a popular hairstyle and finger waving and pin curls were the order of the day.  Our students had a challenging day learning two of these incredibly effective hair arts.

Finger waving requires you to get your finger positioning right.  Tutors Jos and Renata were on hand to help out with this.

Next came the make up which in the 1920’s, this was a predominantly paler faced look with almost doll like features, think Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Josephine Baker.  Lips were in a ‘cupids bow’ shape and eyebrows were thin and defined as shown here where tutor Renata is making up half a face on student Jenny.

A modern version of an old style mascara case!


Meet the Author
Tamsin Barbosa

Vice Principle

A well-respected makeup and hair artist specialising in film, Tamsin has over 30 years experience working on some of the biggest British and Hollywood releases in recent years.

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