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Student Success – Bella Arghiros

Friday, December 4, 2020

At Iver Makeup Academy, we’re incredibly proud of all our graduates and the projects that they go onto work on. It is always a unique journey for each one of our graduates, and in an industry such as ours there are always some amazing stories to tell.

One of our recent graduates, Bella Arghiros, is no exception to this. She has been another fantastic success story from the Academy, so we took the opportunity to catch up with her to discuss her experience with IMA, and what she is up to now.

Bella began working in the special effects and makeup industry in April 2019, at just 22 years of age. Having begun her studies of makeup for film at University, but things didn’t quite go to plan for her initially: “University really wasn’t for me, I was failing because I struggled with essay writing. I decided join [Iver Academy] after visiting IMA and speaking with Liz [Tagg-Wooster, Principal].

“I had been feeling so deflated at Uni but the team at IMA was able to explain the industry better to me than anyone and that practical skills were far more relevant than being able to write the perfect essay. It was such a scary decision, especially for my parents, but the best one I have ever made.”

Shortly after visiting the Academy, Bella was offered a place and enrolled on the 30-week Advanced Certificate in Make-Up and Hair Artistry, and she has not looked back since. Since graduating with her Advanced Certificate, Bella has worked on projects such as Witches, Zomboat, Sleep Deprivation Doc, Last Night in Soho and Death on the Nile.

Commenting on her experience at The Iver Make-Up Academy whilst completing her course, Bella said: “It was amazing, I don’t know how else to put it! All the staff really looked after me and it was such a huge turning point for me in more ways than one. It was also so nice studying somewhere that feels like the teachers really care, and if you are struggling to grasp something, they will spend time with you until you get it.”

As with other industries around the world, ours has been heavily impacted by coronavirus. We have adapted constantly over the last six months and continue to do so, and Bella has experienced some of the changes that have been implemented in our industry: “I did Last Night in Soho recently and there really is quite a big different! There are pod systems running which can be difficult for trainees as you aren’t allowed to cross into certain pods, and of course, you can’t stand on the buses whilst cast are being made up which feels super strange! For makeup we also have masks and visors which have to be worn – it’s quite intense but necessary.”

The new regulations Bella has had to adapt to so early on in her career haven’t curbed her enthusiasm in any way. She remains hugely enthusiastic about film and about her future within the industry: “I love fantasy and sci-fi films like Guardians of the Galaxy or Shape of Water. I think it’s because of how artistic they are and beautiful to watch. These are the films I seem to enjoy the most, trying to work out how the makeup is created!”

“So far, I have really loved different aspects of everything I’ve worked on. I’ve done a few period projects – 40s and 60s era, WW1 – and they were amazing. For me, I love anything that isn’t just simple, modern-day looks because I love seeing the cast and supporting artists transform and embody their characters! I also just love being part of the process and the detail that goes into it.”

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Tamsin Barbosa

Vice Principle

A well-respected makeup and hair artist specialising in film, Tamsin has over 30 years experience working on some of the biggest British and Hollywood releases in recent years.

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